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Long Term Plan for Year R - Year 6

Planning for 360 Primary is based on the units of work created within ‘Excellence and Enjoyment: Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning’ (SEAL). The 12 characteristics of 360 People have been matched to the units:

  • New Beginnings
  • Getting On and Falling Out
  • Going for Goals
  • Good to Be Me
  • Relationships
  • Changes

In order to achieve consistency across the whole school, the half-termly topics are arranged so that individuals and classes and the school can focus on one of the four 360 People clusters at a time.

The Long Term Plan demonstrates that ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Going for Goals’ is ideally matched with the Aspirational cluster of Belief, Courage and Enthusiasm. Likewise, the units: ‘Getting on and Falling Out’ and ‘Relationships’ link well to the Awareness cluster of Relate, Balance and Co-operation. The other clusters, Ambitious and Accomplished, fit in with the units ‘Good to Be Me’ and ‘Changes’. However, it must be emphasised there are always connections and cross-overs between the 12 characteristics and the work outlined within the units. Teachers should be aware of this and therefore seek these out as they know the needs and abilities of the individual children.

As the characteristics for the Aspirational and Aware clusters feature twice as many times as the Ambitious and Accomplished clusters it is suggested that teachers also include some elements of Consistent, Flexible and Completing in the Spring 1 term and Prepared, Leading and Choices in Summer 1, thereby gaining a better balance over the year.

The Long term plan for the Early Years has been adapted to suit the needs of the FS team and their younger children. Rather than having just one 360 characteristic focus for each half term, the Reception classes will address two, sometimes from 2 different clusters. For example, a combination of the Aspirational and Accomplished clusters are covered in Autumn 1, Spring 1 and Spring 2 units. This allows all 12 characteristics to be covered over the course of the year in Reception.

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Medium Term Plan: Year 6 Example

The Medium Term Plans follow a standardised format and are cross referenced with the SEAL resources.

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Lesson Plans

The Short Term Plans have been written to generate a sequence of ideas and lessons. The units follow a similar sequence, with an introductory lesson, development lessons and review lesson. During this final lesson, children are encouraged to reflect on the focussed 360 People characteristic for that half term, update evidence, review and set new targets. It must be emphasised though that children are encouraged to look at their targets on an ongoing formative basis rather than just a summative one at the end of the unit.

Each school is unique and teachers will need to consider which resources best suit the needs of their particular learners. There are links to SMART notebooks created by Luton Borough Council, which can be used or adapted appropriately. In addition to these and the SEAL materials, schools are recommended to be selective with other stimuli and resources (e.g. Espresso, You Tube). Furthermore, there is a book list with recommendations for each unit of work.

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