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Long Term Planning

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For any pupil entering secondary school for the first time the future is full of anxieties, hopes and excitement. They face many challenges and hurdles ahead and the more support and preparation they have access to the more they are like to meet those challenges with self confidence and enthusiasm.

In every secondary school there are certain events that happen annually which often result in young people feeling stressed and vulnerable. External exams, selecting options, starting a new year etc. are all accepted events in the school career of a pupil.

The 360 People long term plan attempts to recognise those times when pupils need the most support and provides them with the personal skills and competencies that ensure they can meet every challenge with confidence and self belief.

Each year begins with a characteristic from the Aspirational cluster, with the exception of Year 11. This gives a positive feeling to the start of every year and provides pupils with the boost needed to inspire them. Many pupils returning to their final year of compulsory schooling have major misgivings about their ability to succeed in their rapidly approaching external exams, so Consistency is planned for the commencement of Year 11, building on accomplishments in Year 10 and emphasising successes to date.

It has long been recognised that pupil progress suffers a dip at the beginning of Year 8. Enthusiasm is therefore introduced at the start of the year to try overcome this phenomenon.

The Choices characteristic is delivered around the time when Year 9 are making KS4 option decisions and Year 11 are contemplating their educational pathways post 16.

Medium Term Planning

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The medium term plans provide the most detailed information required to deliver the 360 People programme. Each 6 week plan contains Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes. These essentially outline what is going to be taught and what the expected result for the pupils should be. The topics for individual sessions are listed.

The medium term plan is mapped to both SEAL and PLTs, taking into account progression of the characteristic and continuity across ability ranges as well as year groups.

Assessment opportunities are identified – although others are no doubt possible – and assessment strategies are suggested which will support any other Assessment for Learning work taking place in the school.

Cross curricular links are included so that in schools where SEAL/PSD work is delivered throughout the whole school it is possible to map the 360 People programme in its entirety.

Lesson Planning

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The lesson plans have most detail in the lesson objectives and learning outcomes – The objectives can impact on a number of lessons and not simply be limited to one each. The learning outcomes – which are differentiated for differing ability levels – form the real focus for the lesson. They should be achievable by all pupils at some level. These are what pupils are going to learn by the end of the session. If staff delivering the programme can concentrate on the learning outcomes they will find that the methodology or teaching context follows automatically.

The teaching context has been purposely written with only some details. This it to allow the plan to be delivered to a range of audiences -from a full class cohort, as part of a tutor group programme, or even in a 1:1 coaching/counseling session, although some of the paired/discussion work would need to be completed with the tutor/ counselor.

The timings have not been completed for similar reasons – each activity can be simply touched upon, or explored in some detail. By using the learning outcomes as the driving force for determining what should be delivered the teaching content becomes less central to the session.

About 360 People

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