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The Annual License

The annual license provides access to the 360 online tool . It sets out the characteristics framework which has significant benefits for both the individual student and the school as a whole. Students have their own login; develop an understanding of their strengths and areas for development; develop an understanding of how others see them. In addition, students are able to create an action plan which supports them in establishing a strategy for improving their strengths and weaknesses.

We have deliberately kept the cost of the license very low so that all schools can afford it – only £4 per student, whether at primary or secondary school; further education or employment.

The initial programme for children at primary school or Year 7 or 8 of secondary school is highly interactive offering the students the opportunity to visit the 360 Town. Here the students can have fun buying equipment and have fun meeting different characters. The version for the older students offers all the benefits of the above but also encourages users to plan for their future: supporting the writing of applications for university and work.


The Pulse is an add-on to the annual licence. Automated 4 times per year, the Pulse offers a snap shot of a student’s current strengths and weaknesses. An excellent tool for review meetings with students and parents.

Half Day Training

The half day training provides an excellent overview of the 360 People programme. Each sessions is run by one of our experienced consultants. All our consultants have a background in education – most are former heads or senior leaders – and have current CRB certificates.

The session is usually comprises 2 parts:

Session 1

Background information for teachers:

  • How 360 people was developed
  • What it is? Why it is needed
  • The Framework
  • The curriculum materials that support 360 People

Session 2

Working with a group of students to begin the programme. The teaching staff observe as a 360 consultant introduces 360 People to a group of students. This ensures that the system is up and running and teachers are secure with how the system works. The sessions are very popular with students.

Full Day Training

The full day training session is as above but the consultant will work with 3 classes.

Feedback from a Year 6 Student:

‘ I loved that work we did today. I’m going on the programme tonight. I can’t wait to show my Mum. She’ll really like it.’

Recent feedback from a consultant:

Some feedback from today. The session with the HT and class teacher went very well, they were both very excited by the programme and responded positively to taking it forward. We got Y5 (next years Y6) up and running, they were all enthused and keen to get back to it asap. In fact when we had to halt for lunch there were lots of moans and groans! As I was leaving through the school playground one of the Midday Supervisors came up to me to tell me how they had been excitedly telling her about their morning on 360 People’.


360 Survey

The 360 Survey is a one off survey which is processed by YSC, renowned experts in this area. The surveys obtains feedback from up to 12 people about a student’s strengths and areas for development. An excellent product for supporting the development of young people. Provides a constructive foundation from which to structure a letter of application for a job or university.

Curriculum Materials

This is what schools have been asking us for!

The curriculum planning that 360 has produced will support schools in implementing 360 People at all stages of a student’s school career. It is mapped to PLTs and SEAL so that it can be integrated seamlessly into a school’s PSHE/Citizenship work.

It sets out long, medium and lessons plans for all year groups.

The 360 People Long Term Plan

recognises the times when pupils need the most support and provides them with the personal skills and competencies that ensure they can meet every challenge with confidence and self belief.

The Medium Term Plan

is mapped to both SEAL and PLTs, taking into account progression of the characteristic and continuity across ability ranges as well as year groups.

The medium term plans provide the information required to deliver the 360 People programme. Each 6 week plan contains Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes. These essentially outline what is going to be taught and what the expected result for the pupils should be. The topics for individual sessions are listed.

The Lesson Plans

The lesson plans have most detail in the lesson objectives and learning outcomes – The objectives can impact on a number of lessons and not simply be limited to one each. The learning outcomes – which are differentiated for differing ability levels – form the real focus for the lesson. They should be achievable by all pupils at some level. These are what pupils are going to learn by the end of the session. If staff delivering the programme can concentrate on the learning outcomes they will find that the methodology or teaching context follows automatically.


About 360 People

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