360 Annual License

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The annual license provides access to the 360 online tool . It sets out the characteristics framework which has significant benefits for both the individual student and the school as a whole. Students have their own login; develop an understanding of their strengths and areas for development; develop an understanding of how others see them. In addition, students are able to create an action plan which supports them in establishing a strategy for improving their strengths and weaknesses.

We have deliberately kept the cost of the license very low so that all schools can afford it – only £3 per student, whether at primary or secondary school; further education or employment.

The initial programme for children at primary school or Year 7 or 8 of secondary school is highly interactive offering the students the opportunity to visit the 360 Town. Here the students can have fun buying equipment and have fun meeting different characters. The version for the older students offers all the benefits of the above but also encourages users to plan for their future: supporting the writing of applications for university and work.


About 360 People

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