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Feedback from a Year 6 Student

‘ I loved that work we did today. I’m going on the programme tonight. I can’t wait to show my Mum. She’ll really like it.’

Recent feedback from a consultant

‘Some feedback from today. The session with the HT and class teacher went very well, they were both very excited by the programme and responded positively to taking it forward. We got Y5 (next years Y6) up and running, they were all enthused and keen to get back to it asap. In fact when we had to halt for lunch there were lots of moans and groans! As I was leaving through the school playground one of the Midday Supervisors came up to me to tell me how they had been excitedly telling her about their morning on 360 People’

Sir William Atkinson, Principal, Phoenix Federation
‘360 People is an excellent product. We are delighted to have introduced it at Phoenix High School’

John Stephens, Director of Children’s Services, Chester and Cheshire West
‘ I think 360 People has a great deal to offer young people both in their personal development and in preparing for future employment’

Phil Duffy, Headteacher, Wallasey Secondary School
‘ Staff and parents say, "wow, I wish I had had this programme when I was growing up’

Steve Dool, Headteacher, Neston High School
‘An excellent programme encouraging students to become reflective and responsible’

Sally Lamb, Assistant Headteacher, Chorlton Park
‘360 fits in brilliantly with the aims of Chorlton Park. We are looking at the skills our pupils will need in the 21st century and 360 People supports the development of those skills. It gives pupils the opportunity to have a voice in a different way.’

Dave Watson, Headteacher, Chorlton Park, Manchester
‘We believe 360 People helps our children to become independent and reflective learners. We are equipping them for the future’

Pupils at Chorlton Park

Serina Khan, teacher, Chorlton Park, Manchester
‘360 People has really helped the pupils to think about their behaviour. There is one pupoil in particular who now really thinks about his behaviour. The action plan has helped him to take control. We have seen a big improvement in his behaviour’

Max, 12 year old pupil, Chorlton High School
‘My Mum was amazed when she saw my 360 People profile – she was amazed at all the things I could do at school’

Simon Verry, Form Tutor, Wallasy School, Wirral
‘360 People has been of enormous benefit to our students. It helps our students a lot and gives them a real sense of ownership. Parents can now get involved with 360 People’

Linda McCullen, Parent
‘360 people has been a fantastic invention for my child. It has helped her tremendously with focusing on her objectives for both her personal life and school life’

Elaine Edwards, Head Sixth Form, Wallasey School
‘ We’ve been waiting for something like 360 People in schools for a long, long time. In terms of employability and providing an opportunity for students to reflect on their future 360 is an important step forward’

Jay Kennedy, Parent
‘360 is an excellent product. We have seen a real improvement in Lily’s behaviour. When an issue arises we can really see her thinking things through as a result of her work on her 360 action plan. A great product’

David, Deputy Headboy
‘I have used 360 to prepare for interviews at university.’


About 360 People

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