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Wallasey School was a pilot school for 360 People and began using the programme in 2009. The school had developed a strong leadership programme for staff and saw this as a way of supporting students in developing their leadership skills and taking responsibility for their learning and personal development.


Initially, the school introduced the programme to students in the Sixth Form. After the Sixth Form, 360 was started with a small group of students at risk of dropping out. 360 was then introduced to Year 10 and gradually to the rest of the school a year group at a time.

Tutor group time was used to implement and embed 360 People. Form tutors were responsible for overseeing the action plans of their form group.

This year many students currently in Year 6 at primary schools will be transferring to Wallasey with their profiles up and running.

Pudsey Grangefield in Leeds trained all staff – not just teachers – on a training day and then introduced 360 to all students.

Neston High School in Cheshire. 360 trained the SLT and a small group of Sixth Formers. They then introduced 360 to the staff. The headteacher endorsed the programme and then let teachers opt in to using it.


  • Students have an increased level of self awareness. Many students report an increase in confidence – they regularly rated themselves lower than their teachers, peers and families. The higher rating resulted in a re-evaluation of self image and an increase in confidence. When looking at areas for development students state that they had an awareness of areas for development but did little about it. However, when the system highlighted those areas for development it made them face up to them. 360 then provided a mechanism for setting out a route for improvement.
  • Students report that setting targets made them determined to try to achieve them. It also enabled them to crystallise their aspirations and establish a way of achieving them.
  • Students have enjoyed taking responsibility for their own development. Older students are mentoring younger students which is helping them to develop leadership skills and empathy for others. Peer mentoring is having similar outcomes.
  • Excellent support mechanism for vulnerable students at risk of exclusion and those with special needs.
  • Students value the fact that schools are investing in their welfare and personal development.
  • Increased engagement with parents. Parents contributing to their child’s profile providing support in an area they are comfortable with. In addition, they feel they have much more of an idea about their child’s work and school experience
  • Students find 360 helpful in applying for universities and jobs. Wallasey state that it has a positive impact when students are completing their personal statement, in the university interview and when applying for jobs
  • It provides a safe online programme teaching students to use the internet responsibly. Students like the networking feel of the site
  • Students quickly understand how to use the system as it utilises many of the features that they are familiar with

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